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Client Grows IRA from $20,000 to $1.2 Million in
just Three Years…Learn How He Did It

Bryan Keane says he couldn’t have done it without his self-directed IRA

A real estate professional in Fort Myers, Florida, Bryan Keane is a fanatic about fitness training. He is equally passionate about keeping his finances in shape for retirement. “I wanted to establish a retirement account so I could retire early and not have to struggle through retirement,” says Bryan. “Self-directed investing looked like the best tool to get me where I wanted to be.” Bryan had seen self-directed IRAs work for some of his colleagues and thought he’d give self-directing a whirl. “A couple of guys were investing with Equity Trust,” he explains. “After learning what they were doing, I started myself.”





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Bryan calls real estate in his self-directed IRA a “powerful tool”

The real estate market has seen better days, but for Bryan, real estate has proven to be a valuable asset.

“I wish the real estate market were a little better right now, but it will come back around,” he says. “It’s a powerful tool – honestly, it’s incredible. I’m glad I made the investments I did. I’ve benefited enormously from them.”

According to Bryan, real estate enables you to make a lot of money in a short period of time. He has been particularly successful in flipping real estate, mostly vacant land. For example, he created several deals where he bought and sold real estate within a 60-day time period, making up to $40,000 in one investment. All the profit went back into his IRA to grow tax-free.

Mortgages are also fueling Bryan’s IRA. In addition to buying, rehabbing and selling properties, Bryan often finances the property to the sellers through his IRA. Right now, he holds the mortgages to about a dozen properties that he bought, and he collects monthly mortgage payments that go right back into his IRA. “When you consider the interest that goes along with those payments, and that the mortgage payments will continue for 15 to 30 years, depending on the terms we’ve established, it adds up to a substantial amount of money,” Bryan says.

Bryan took his real estate deals to the next level by purchasing entire developments. He bought two developments totaling 100 acres in the Carolinas. Once he develops those properties and starts selling the parcels, he expects a sizable return.


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arts & entertainment arts & entertainment
arts & entertainment
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